Printer will not install under XP

rpvr, Oct 18, 4:18am
Printer will not install under XP I have just reinstalled XP on my dual boot system, theis time with SP3 (prviously SP2). All went well except I cannot now get my Epson CX3900 multifunction printer to install. It comes up with the message: "An error occurred during the installation of the device. The specified color profile is invalid" The scanner driver installed ok and works, the copier function of the printer works fine, as does the printer under Puppy linux. Any ideas please? I have downloaded the latest XP driver from Epson, same thing happens.

kevin16, Oct 18, 4:24am
Use the reg cleaner of ccleaner reboot and try again?,..

nzmu, Oct 18, 4:26am
Did you connect the printer before installing software? Common error and can corrupt install.

rpvr, Oct 18, 5:34am
NoInstalled driver then turned printer on when requested.

d.snell, Oct 18, 5:42am
SP3 lost a file try replacing c:\windows\system32\icm32.dll

rpvr, Oct 18, 6:12am
Thank you d.snell Once again your amzing store of knowledge comes to the rescue!

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