Recommended Shopping carts please?

comfreak91, Oct 18, 4:23am
Recommended Shopping carts please? Hi there just wondernig if anyone can recommend some free shopping carts besides os Commerce . And also a company to do the credit card processing , thinking paymate right now, rather than DPS. Thanks a lot cheers!

bradenpd, Oct 18, 7:03am
Magento is probably your best bet for a free one. Looks a hell of a lot nicer than osCommerce and you can do heaps more with it. If you want to know anything more about it let me know and I can help

jancemord, Oct 18, 7:09am
I have done work with digistore (easy for NZ) people as its NZ built. Only downside is that the person thats brought it knows nothing about it. So its been work it out for ya self. But I got there in the end

bradenpd, Oct 18, 7:11am
Doesnt look too bad but i think you'd get more support with magentoits easy to use and you can get like a new zealand plug in type thing. or add on. whatever they call it in it

jancemord, Oct 18, 7:14am
they finally have it thank god its the best one out there at the moment

bradenpd, Oct 18, 7:16am
Unfortunately im still limited to what i can do design wise with it haha oh well ill just send the work to india if i needed to

jancemord, Oct 18, 7:17am
One thing that I like about it as the codes not bloated

bradenpd, Oct 18, 7:18am
Always wondered what does that mean? does it mean it'll load faster or something..?

jancemord, Oct 18, 7:24am
My meaning of it is that the codes not 'complex' and its easy to follow

bradenpd, Oct 18, 7:25am
Ahh i see very good then

comfreak91, Oct 18, 7:27am
Thanks , will keep magento in mind Any one got any opinions on CubeCart/Zencart? Thanks

bradenpd, Oct 18, 7:28am
Ive been told by a few people not to use either of themstick with a big one

jancemord, Oct 18, 7:29am
thats bloated

comfreak91, Oct 18, 10:50am
Thanks- with magento cartJust wondering if this is possible please. Im planning to have two options for checkout, credit card (handled by the Paymate module, seems to be reasonable fees), and bank deposit. For bank deposit, could I please ask - does Magento generate an easily visible order number so the client (customer) knows what to use as a reference in the deposit details? Thanks a lot

tptrader, Oct 18, 11:06am
Check out haven't used them myself but look interesting.

comfreak91, Oct 18, 11:49am
Hm, paymate still seems cheaper Also any ideas please if theres a way to add a surcharge somehow for paying by credit card? (or discount for cash payments - direct deposit) in magento? Thanks a lot, been surfing the net and cant find a module

photosales, Oct 19, 5:40am
_Say very clear of PayMex(ss) They webt under owing lots to people, then come back, and so far have not paid anyone out. If you want a good commercial solution, try

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