Printer problem

sunflowers28, Oct 19, 10:11am
Printer problem Just replaced ink in my printer and does show up that I have replaced it. Does not print or copy.
It's a Brother DCP-11OC had it for 3 years first time I have had a problem with it.
Do I write it off and buy a new one or can anyone suggest how I get it going again.

sunflowers28, Oct 19, 10:13am
Sould read It does not show up....

0800xford, Oct 19, 11:10am
you can buy one for the price of a set of refills.

art4ukiwi, Oct 19, 6:25pm
Thats why I'd NEVER buy a BROTHER printercanon or hp are the best IMHO

bartcat, Oct 19, 8:42pm
Brother printers are o.k. try unplugging it completely and then leaving it for 30 minutes before restarting. This works for me.

sunflowers28, Oct 19, 10:00pm
Off to buy a printer Thanks bartcat,gave it a try still not working. Off now to price and hopefully buy a new printer.
Thanks for your replies.

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