Q about plugging ADSL modem into phone jack

Q about plugging ADSL modem into phone jack I'm not sure if I have it set up correctly. I was expecting my modem (Linksys AM300) would plug straight into the phone jack, but the plug is the wrong shape to fit so I am using a filter as an "adapter" so I can plug it into the phone jack. But I read something in Vista Help that you are NOT supposed to have a filter between your modem and the jack. So is there some sort of adapter that I am supposed to use, or was I supplied with the wrong sort of connector plug, or is this the way it's meant to be and MS have it wrong again? It seems to be working "ok" but maybe could be better? Cheers :-)

geek_waipawa, Oct 20, 8:22 pm

The filter should be ok but is only really needed if you are wanting to use telephones from on the same jack point.

geek_hbhana, Oct 20, 8:27 pm

All phone equipment must pass through a filter including sky decoders

geek_pcmaster, Oct 20, 8:36 pm

Just grab the cable off your dialup modem and use it between the router and the wall jack. Correct, the router doesn't use a filter, but if you have a double filter unit, it will have a by-pass socket that you plug your router into..

geek_d.snell, Oct 20, 8:41 pm

Ah, the dialup cordnever thought of that! thanks for that

geek_waipawa, Oct 20, 9:12 pm