Good brand of ADSL2+ modem/router with wifi.....

puddleduck00, Oct 20, 12:00pm
Good brand of ADSL2+ modem/router with wifi.Telecon has given us a Thomson ADSL2+ router/modem with wifi if we go on 24month contractand it's a heap of trash. It's as awesome as the D-Link we got...I'm going to send it drops out all the time and it doesn't seem to like lots of simultaneous connections (torrents)....What's your preferred brand? I'm going to splash out and get something reliable.

sighkick, Oct 20, 12:21pm
Netgear is my choice I use the old DG834G Wifi Router/Modem and it works fine on ADSL2 after I did the Firmware updates [pretty easy to do]. Linksys by Cisco is apparently top-of-the-line if you want an alternative.

soodanim, Oct 20, 12:31pm
3com here, had it for years

teroopu, Oct 20, 6:46pm
Have had a linksys for years. No issues at all, recommended.

willz29, Oct 20, 7:09pm
Dynalink RTA1025w .

swivel, Oct 20, 7:18pm
Have you tried the Thomson 585v7 ??. As it's a great Modem. The System is just great.

deodar, Oct 20, 7:26pm
Linksys Wireless-G, 25 Mbps. 2.4 GHz 4 Port Switch,Gateway,Advanced F/W,
Filtering& even a copy of Norton
Internet Security in the box.Get it on TM.

pcfix4u, Oct 20, 7:44pm
Hi Ya puddleduck00 Those Thomson by default leave the wireless wide open. I use 3com very happy with it.

soodanim, Oct 20, 7:49pm
Most by default leave the wireless wide open!

swivel, Oct 20, 7:57pm
Pcfix4u I had to enable mine, as it was off as a default. But for what Model was it??

pcgeek, Oct 20, 8:15pm
was using a dlink and asus wireless router but the bloody thing kept stuffing up so at the weekend brought a Belkin Wireless router/modem ADSL2+ for $169 at Havey Normans, easiest setup disk I have ever used and setting up the wireless with WPA2 encryption an absolute breeze.

chapadao, Oct 20, 10:15pm
Agree with bought the dynalink RTA1025W a few weeks ago and very happy with it. or the netcomm nb6plus4w (which looks better but is just the same as the RTA1025W on the inside, and netcomm offer a longer warranty)

puddleduck00, Oct 21, 11:23am
Excellent cheers for your input guys...Will check out a few of those options. Linksys looks like pretty good value for money.

drcspy, Oct 21, 8:47pm
maybe you got a bad luck one.......i have a d-link 502g (well actually I have three of em) and an asus wl-520gc wireless router........both are exceptionally stable.....

intrade, Oct 21, 9:28pm
Re 1 lol the best models are made by us-robotics and the lower spec ones 3com same company. then next best are linksys. only ever buy a modem-router.

hbhana, Oct 21, 9:36pm
I have the US Robotics 9108A modem/router. It is tucked away in a room upstairs and I get excellent coverage all around the house and garage.

intrade, Oct 21, 9:40pm
I found it is worth the money to get a good brand. I tested a asus 1 port modem against my us-robotics on same line ans the same 30 minutes online the speed was about 20% lower from the asus 1 port and took longer to open websites then my us-robotic router. configuration was a nightmare on the cheap asus modem took 4h to get the password and logon in and in my usr its done with easy configurator in 30 secounds Feature wise was the asus also poor as where my us-robotic-3com modem has it all 3 status lights to tel me whats going on from outside like when a red wan ip light is glowing i know the modem lost the conection and cant get a ip adress. Then in the modem tools it has features to test the line to figure where the fault is if its local to the exchange or if it is past the exchange.

intrade, Oct 21, 9:41pm
Cont This way i already know what to tell on the phone that telecom has to repair my line again lol becouse it shows no link to adsl hub or something, its real good, the 3com modem have a few less features then this but speedwise are exactly the same as the usr.

sirfer, Oct 22, 1:28am
Well D-Link are the greatest modem/router combo in the known universe ;o) (joking if you can't tell)

puddleduck00, Oct 22, 1:29am
Haha ...for sure sirfer...the only thing worse than my thomson is my d-link.

swivel, Oct 22, 1:52am
So PD what model Thomson do you have.

mairehau, Oct 22, 2:15am
Linksys all the way ...

dino7, Oct 22, 2:59am
Another + for the Dynalink 1025w ......wireless range is good but if you do need a better aerial its not replaceable.

coyoteblonde, Oct 22, 3:22am
I have a Linksys WRT54G2 (internal aerials) Never had any issues at all. Looks swish too.

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