Can anybody access this site?

Can anybody access this site?

geek_mark16, Oct 21, 6:18 am


geek_traceedwards, Oct 21, 6:22 am

FFS, I knew it was likely to be a problem with my ISP...I assume you're not with Orcon?

geek_mark16, Oct 21, 6:23 am


geek_traceedwards, Oct 21, 6:23 am

CheersOff to harass Orcon now...

geek_mark16, Oct 21, 6:24 am

I can get itI'm with Orcon.

geek_soodanim, Oct 21, 7:30 am

I can get to ......

geek_memyselfandi1, Oct 21, 12:42 pm

.fine on snap

geek_shrapz, Oct 21, 12:46 pm

i can get it with slingshot broadband.

geek_stefan123, Oct 21, 2:16 pm