Is Freeware worth persisting with or is it crap?

Is Freeware worth persisting with or is it crap? Downloaded 2 freeware programmes and neither work properly - both coming up with error messages. Wondering if its easier to just pay for one.

geek_stefan123, Mar 8, 6:44 pm

Hmmmm techs try this

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 6:46 pm

Very relevant flewy......... poster #1 what a stupid comment.....theres MILLIONS of freeware apps out there are you suggesting that only paid apps work well ? if so you are a dumbo just take a look at nortons track record ! ......more info as suggested by our esteemed flewy would be of help....just WHAT apps did you download and just WHAT EXACT error did you get ?

geek_drcspy, Mar 8, 6:51 pm

I call BS .. I use loads of freeware apps all the time, from PostgreSQL to Notepad++

geek_gibler, Mar 8, 6:55 pm

.... I was asking a question not making a statement. And I was asking about freeware generally speaking.

geek_stefan123, Mar 8, 6:55 pm

.... The software I'm wanting is to copy dvd to mp3.

geek_stefan123, Mar 8, 6:56 pm

You want to rip the audio from dvd?

geek_kevin16, Mar 8, 6:59 pm

If only you had scrolled down the page 12 or so threads.

geek_dunedin_ree, Mar 8, 7:00 pm

Freeware way encode to avi with Fairuse Wizard, then open avi in VirtualDub, extract the audio to a wav file then convert that to mp3 ,. works for the esteemed flewy! lol

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 7:00 pm

#1 demand your refund. Thats shocking!Never mind they probly
weren't installed properly because of
ID 10 T errors & PEBKAC.Its a ripoff
You should pay for everything,start
with the air you breathe.It will be
so much better if you pay,an air tax
for ID10T's has to come.

geek_deodar, Mar 8, 7:48 pm

DeepRipper is freeware and works fine.

geek_rpvr, Mar 8, 8:53 pm

Deepripper i've been called that a couple of times.

geek_kane199, Mar 8, 9:01 pm