cartridges not registering on printer

17007, Oct 21, 11:55pm
Cartridges not registering on printer I have put refilled cartridges in my printer and it is not recognising that they are in there. Could they have damaged the printer or do you think if I purchase new ones it will be ok??

pcgeek, Oct 22, 12:13am
Refilled you get what you pay for, obviously the aftermarket rubbish you bought isn't up to the job.

gbbrot, Oct 22, 12:13am
Clean.. the contacts on the cartridge. They get muck on them. (Clean .. use soft non-lint cloth and non-residue cleaner, not harsh abrasives).

lythande1, Oct 22, 1:11am
Re 2: A myth perpetuated by the printer manufacturers and believed by the gullible.

pcgeek, Oct 22, 1:40am
and considering repairing printers was a job I used to do, those cheap and nasty cartridges were an absolute pain, if they came in under warranty with after market cartridges installed we never fixed them because they have voided their warranty.

d.snell, Oct 22, 1:58am
The only time a warranty can be voided by after market or refilled cartridges is if the Printer manufacturer's repairer can conclusively prove that the breakdown was specifically caused by the cartridge. In 99% of cases, they can't and have to fix the printer. By simply using them , you DO NOT void the warranty and if a repairer tries to tell you otherwise, the are full of BS..

pcgeek, Oct 22, 2:14am
D.snell I stand corrected.

footplate1, Oct 22, 9:10am
Canon 700 Doesn't recognise refills. You have to overide with the rest button. Mr Canon has designed this way.

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