ADSL2+ Speeds...i just got upgraded today.

chance, Oct 22, 1:07am
ADSL2+ Speeds...i just got upgraded today. I'm with Vodafone/iHug and have finally been upgraded today to their "Red Network". I did a speedtest few days ago at and got Download 2443 kbps, Upload 137 kbps...just ran another test today after the upgrade and result was Download 3628 kbps & Upload 816 kbps. I was originally on a FS/128k plan but looks like my upload speed has been upgraded to FS. Anyway i would like to see some of your speedtest figures either from the or the consumer site if your on an ADSL2+ plan/network.

soodanim, Oct 22, 1:17am
Hmmm were you expecting more? Alot of people aren't experiencing major changes to speeds on ADSL2+ plans. Is your connection from the exchange or a cabinet?

soodanim, Oct 22, 1:21am
Our connection has been upgraded (or downgraded) to adsl2+ since February. We first got nearly 7000Kbps, but the connection kept dropping. They "fixed" it and now we are lucky if we get over 4000kbps but more often than not it's only just over 3000Kbps. They make "changes" and it will connect OK for awhile then drop again. They are still "working on it" apparently. Since July I might add.

chance, Oct 22, 1:34am
Just wanted a rough idea of what the figures were the exchange & couple of years ago Telecom told me i was about 3.5km away from the exchange.

puddleduck00, Oct 22, 1:35am
Man I love NZ.

swivel, Oct 22, 1:56am
Xtra 10603 d/l and 861up

soodanim, Oct 22, 2:02am
Show off swivel...isn't that your business plan ? lol 3.5km is too far to experience any major speed increases....ADSL2+ you need to be within 2KM, that's why all the cabinets are popping up all over the place.

mairehau, Oct 22, 2:05am
@ 1 Yea, Similar thing here except i was already using ADSL2+ at the time and went from 5.3Mbps to 8.5Mbps and 128Mbps upload to 1Mb, You may also notice that your ping has dropped and if your phones support caller id and you where not subscribing to the caller ID service before that you now have caller ID, I was planning to change ISP this month but after these upgrades that havent cost me anything i am now more inclined to simply jump to a bigger plan as the vodafone plans arent really bad enough to make me want to give up this speed and great service lol

swivel, Oct 22, 2:09am
LOL it's the pro plan (yes it's my shop, but not on the Business plans). The Speed is from the Upgrade to the thomson 585v7 modem

gj0502, Oct 22, 3:04am
Bad upload got 11mpbs download but like 100kbps upload and im ment to be fs/fs why is my upload crap?

charles.j, Oct 22, 3:11am
Thats odd.. I'm on Adsl (not 2+) and i get 4409kbps upstream

swivel, Oct 22, 5:25am
OK this is for soodanim Here is my home speed. It's not adsl2. And not as good as at work (sucks).
5211 down and 108 up

shrapz, Oct 22, 5:30am
Not on adsl2+ yet only 200m from the exchange so hopefully soon. Get 6316/790 at the moment

julieandcasper, Oct 22, 6:03am
Seeing as I'm out in the boonies I guess I should be greatful for the ADSL 1 I do get. Sigh.

sirfer, Oct 22, 9:12am
Mine went from ~4000 to ~6000 dload but I'm using an old DLink g604t

olack, Oct 22, 10:42am
I had a DSE ADSL router upgraded toan ADSL2 router because xnet said yes we should get adsl2 connection rates. Speed increase with what I am presuming is a better router is up to 1864kbps download and 574kbps upload....from 1488kbps download and 764kbps upload...we were a tad disppointed to be told later the adsl2 cabinets would be upgraded here 2 years from now. I had heard different and the first 2 xnet people I spoke to about adsl2 who said adsl2 was going to be on for our area.

aktow, Oct 22, 3:47pm
Slow i am with crappy. vodafone .my speed is 6824 kb/s down and 128 kb/s up

kylea_damien, Oct 23, 11:00am
How do you tell if you have the upgrade done

jade1122, Oct 23, 12:25pm
I had my upgrade last friday, i am with orcon i just did a speedtest download is 15449 kb/s upload is 835 kb/s, Wondering if anyway that wasnt correct

jade1122, Oct 23, 12:30pm

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