Canon MX7000 series printer

footplate1, Mar 23, 11:11pm
Canon MX7000 series printer I have two problems:

1.Refilled ink cartridges read as empty when installed. I suspect that they need some form of resetting by the ink installer. correct?
2. The on-screen manual will not open. Any suggestions?

Thank you

pheonix, Mar 24, 3:51am
1 ... Correct 2/ try downloading the latest

soodanim, Mar 24, 3:58am
Lots of canons never had to "reset" anything....make sure the ink tank is correctly installed...removed all the "labels"? Is the red light on?

soodanim, Mar 24, 4:01am
Aahhh should read... refilled...never used refilled ones....did the people that refilled them give instructions or did you do them yourself? (nothing on the refill packaging if so?)

footplate1, Mar 26, 11:21pm
Advice from Canon Just been advised by Canon they don't design their cartridges to be refilled. Would be acceptable if they didn't cost so much - and shops actually stocked them! I may revert to my old Epson. Sigh!

soodanim, Mar 26, 11:32pm
How much is too much? what ink cartridges do they take?

footplate1, Mar 27, 12:38am
The black one costs $30 each and refills for half of that. I use at least one per week. Canon 5 PGBK

soodanim, Mar 27, 12:48am
Gosh what are you printing? lol ummm they have the 5PGBK for $19....the other colours around the same. I used the CLI8 ink range...those are geniune canon inks too...they do compatibles for cheaper...Haven't tried them yet.

soodanim, Mar 27, 12:51am
Oopss sorry the PGiBK is 20.75 the others are 18.75....includes shipping...tho if you were getting the other colours for 1/2 that, it's a pretty good price cos I was paying $30 odd for each and $36 for the Black

soodanim, Mar 27, 12:53am
Gosh oh 1/2 for refills

crab2, Mar 27, 1:31am
1st thing I'd be doing is ditching that printer if you are using that much ink. We had the same with the Brother one, was buying every fortnight at least. Gone back to Epson, better print quality and ink lasts much longer.

soodanim, Mar 27, 1:37am
That's debateable... Can't comment without any knowledge of what they are printing.

soodanim, Mar 27, 1:38am
And besides.... Canons are heaps better than Brother, anything is heaps better than Brother....Brother's use ink just turning them on!

footplate1, Mar 27, 3:56am
Thanks for 9/10 I was using one black a week with both the Epsoms but changed when I had to upgrade the scanner. And opted for the combination printer/scanner/copier/fax.

My work varies - I am a part-time consultant - and I do wonder if I should go the laser way.

All the comments appreciated.

soodanim, Mar 27, 4:41pm
Might be more economical if you are only doing black.

crab2, Mar 27, 5:54pm
I agree it is debatable soodanim everyone has their own preference. If in a business it probably is cheaper in the long run using a laser printer.

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