Adobe I have a compuer with vista and have tried to download adobe off the webb but it comes up in an error 1935 on trying to download. Can anyone provide advise on how to rectify this ?.

geek_paula13, Mar 24, 1:29 pm

Adobe what???

they have many programmes.

geek_flewy, Mar 24, 1:33 pm

Adobe reader keeps coming up with "this program has known compatibility issues" on our vist laptop. this could be why?

geek_saintkate, Mar 24, 1:33 pm


geek_saintkate, Mar 24, 1:36 pm

Just select yes, or whatever, half the programs im running on vista have known issues, they work fine.

geek_ryanm2, Mar 24, 1:40 pm

You could also try Foxit PDF reader Free and a lot faster to open PDF's.

geek_pheonix, Mar 24, 4:02 pm