What is the best knkjet printer

laney5, Oct 24, 2:42am
What is the best knkjet printer to buy. I just need a basic printer dont need the scanner copier etc or fancy photo stuff. Just a simple basic printer I have a Canon i560 and the printhead is passed its use by date and I just want one similar to that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

gasaxe, Oct 24, 2:52am
I bought a cheap Epson for $69 2weeks ago. It works fine and the individual cartridges are cheap too. About $10 each.

gasaxe, Oct 24, 2:56am
Got it at W/H stationery.

laney5, Oct 24, 2:57am
Epsons and Canons are all I have had and they are great. I have a quote for a new printhead for my canon i560 and they say $155.00 so can buy a pretty good new printer for this I reckon.

hakatere1, Oct 24, 3:09am
I got a Canon Pixma iP4500. Cheap as chips now. Does great photo pics and cd/dvd too.

laney5, Oct 24, 3:18am
Canon pixma ip4500 have been sort of watching this for a little while they went down in price considerably and having a look today seem to have gone back up again for some unknown reason.

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