Printer Networking

code_one, Oct 24, 3:27am
Printer Networking Hi i have an Hp F2180 Printer that is connected to my computer by usb cable but was wondering if there is a way to make it avaiable wirelessly to a laptop that is also in the house. my pc is running xp and laptop is running vista. we have wireless internet with woosh

drcspy, Oct 24, 3:33am
Some printers have wireless capability builtin many dont.......some routers have a plug for a printer so that it can be used wirelessly through the router....many dont.......the only other way is to have the printer plugged into a computer that is goin and then share it so that the wireless lappy can use it as a network printer......

code_one, Oct 24, 3:36am
Okbut would i have to use a cable to link the lappy and the pc, or can i set up a wireless network somehow?

johnboy007, Oct 24, 3:40am
Yes and No The printer itself only supports USB connectivity, some routers allow you to share a local printer but in your case I think the only option is as follows: keep printer connected to machine but enable sharing, provided you have wireless connectivity on bot machines you should be able to access the shared printer, the only drawback is the other machine always has to be on when you need to print. far from perfect, if you need another solution then it envolves paying for hardware.

code_one, Oct 24, 3:44am
Okthe pc has a wireless pci card installed and the laptop has wireless built in so how would i go about it

johnboy007, Oct 24, 3:49am
Questions Are you already running some form of wireless network? do both machines connect to a wireless router to access the internet or something similar? Also what OS are you running on both machines?

code_one, Oct 24, 3:52am
Okboth computers connect seperately to the wireless modem/router i have the pc is xp and the laptop is vista. the modem/router is a netgear mbr814 and the printer is an hp f2180 mutlifunction

johnboy007, Oct 24, 3:57am
Right I might just have a look on the net to find a guide, will take me too long to if you have read these posts people are hopeless at explaining things, what machine has the printer connected (vista or xp). you are also going to need the driver disk for the other machine as i doubt the printer drivers that printer will be in the cabs.

johnboy007, Oct 24, 3:59am
Heres one if sharing printer on vista machine here is how to enable the sharing

code_one, Oct 24, 3:59am
Thanks the xp comp has the printer connected and i do have the driver disc

johnboy007, Oct 24, 4:04am
Thats easier does the driver disc have drivers for vista? if not you might want to start downloading some. On the XP machine go to the Printers and Faxes Applet, Right Click the Printer in question and select Sharing. Then Select "Share this printer" and give it a useful share name. Apply and close applicable windows.

code_one, Oct 24, 4:06am
Hiyes it does have vista drivers. so if i install it on the vista machine will it then be wirelessly available

johnboy007, Oct 24, 4:16am
In a roundabout way Once the printer is shared you will need to add a new printer on the Vista machine, then select network and locate the one you created on the XP machine. This will prompt you to add drivers at which point you will need the CD, dont use the installer on the CD (setup program) as this will install a locally connected version. Once the install is completed and if your network and permissions are correctly set it will print to the printer via the wireless network through the XP machine, it relies on a few things and it may take a while to explain if it doesnt work.

code_one, Oct 24, 4:22am
Okthanks but it hasnt worked so ill just go back to forwarding everything by email and printing it that way

johnboy007, Oct 24, 4:26am
Fair enough like I said its hard to explain, it relies on you machines being in the same workgroup, also you can have issues with the firewalls etc. way too hard to explain over the net, well for me anyway :)

if you have a usb key use the print to file option and save the file on the key, then open it on the xp machine. or at a stretchinstall the drivers on both and just plug in the usb cable when needed.

good luck

code_one, Oct 24, 4:31am
Tathanks for the help

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