Printer not showing on 'My Computer'

kitty179, Mar 8, 6:13am
Help! Printer not showing on 'My Computer' I have a scanner/printer/copier and need to scan some pics. I have done this before with no problem. But suddenly the printer is missing from the 'My Computer' screen which shows all the drives and hardware etc. The printer works fine from Word and any other program, and the printer does have a 'scan' button, but that only sends it to Word and I want to save as a jpg. How do I get the icon back?

boots0016, Mar 8, 6:35am
Try control panel: Printers and Faxes .

kitty179, Mar 8, 7:41am
It's okay I found the problem I have Vista and can't scan the usual way. Have to do it through Windows Photo Gallery.

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