how to unlock administrator lock out of my own

How to unlock administrator lock out of my own computer is telling me that i must see administrator, was trying to access on line job search site when i put in wrong password several times ,now im locked out how do i reset password,when it tells me to see administator,how do i do it, please?

geek_kevlight, Oct 24, 5:14 pm

to see "YOUR" administrator or "THE" administrator?

geek_0800xford, Oct 24, 5:15 pm

Work or home computer either way your options are limited, depends on password policies and if you know admin account details. If its a work or corporate computer log a call with the help desk and they will unlock it, otherwise what OS and does it go to the welcome screen when it boots?

geek_johnboy007, Oct 24, 5:18 pm

i'm thinking it's the job sites admin because of the wrong login. still posting here...

geek_0800xford, Oct 24, 5:21 pm

Maybe people dont explain things well on here, could be anything and just confusion on the part of the problem user.

geek_johnboy007, Oct 24, 5:30 pm

Sorry by problemI mean the person with the problem :)

geek_johnboy007, Oct 24, 5:32 pm

Fonterra job search site they keep sending me job applications i cannt now reply to; as i stuffed up the password ,and with out the password i cannt access the site to tell them ?

geek_kevlight, Oct 24, 5:33 pm

Phone them ...

geek_hakatere1, Oct 24, 5:57 pm