whats a good printer

raewyn29, Oct 25, 6:08am
Whats a good printer that scans and does nice colour photos

comfreak91, Oct 25, 6:11am
I can just suggest - dont be fooled by printers that are cheap upfront, then screw you over with insanely expensive ink. I prefer Brother multifunctions, you can pick up something decent for under $100, photo printing is decent (of course a photo centre is better though). Plus they take non genuine ink at a cheap price. Usually get all my ink for $25 . Canon/Epson also have a few models that will take non genuine ink. Normally to replace all it would cost me around $90-100. have had two brother multifunctions for a while with no problems. Usually HPs look nice and are cheap , then are RIPOFF when it comes to ink and I think hard to find non genuine ink. Also, I have had no problems with non genuine ink

raewyn29, Oct 25, 6:13am
Whats is non genuine ink?

comfreak91, Oct 25, 6:32am
Same stuff , just not branded Brother, Canon etc. 'Compatible ink' may be a better word to explain. usually comes out of the same factory, with a much smaller price tag. Auction 184236976 for example. when you search for printers, find their ink cartridge model and look it up on trademe. for instance a 'non genuine/compatible black brother ink cartridge' costs around $5-8 , in the shop its $40

sanders4, Oct 25, 6:38am
Printers Canon and Epson always rate highly in computer mag tests, I like Epson and have 2 models in use and ink costs are not that high. if you do a lot of colour photography always have your prints done by a lab as it is not economical to do at home.

comfreak91, Oct 25, 7:05am
Oh yeah, I think Brother is the only one with all printers having a front load paper tray

raewyn29, Oct 25, 7:42am
Thanks for all the help

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