Printer help....

spurs4, Oct 25, 6:44am
Printer helpPurchased a HP Deskjet F2180.
Have got to 96% installation where as the printer configures itself to the pc.We are running a Hp XP.
Does anyone have any ideas why it won't work.

comfreak91, Oct 25, 7:17am
Prob just download the latest drivers

gbbrot, Oct 26, 12:11am
Mine.. insists that the printer be unplugged (USB) when loading the driver. Not just switched off (mains), unplugged! It then should tell you when to plug it in.

samsara11, Oct 26, 12:17am
I had exactly the same problem when trying to reinstall from cd. I was told by HP to uninstall from CD and then download newer version from their site. This solved that problem but not my major (as per my thread)

spurs4, Oct 26, 9:24am
Thanks for all your ideas and help.We have tried all of this and it still doesn't work.Have decided to buy a new printer but not a HP one.Any ideas of what sort of All In One Printer this time.

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