Brother DCP130c printer/vista help!!!!

slimshady9, Oct 25, 11:07pm
Brother DCP130c printer/vista help!!!! Could some i nedd to print my assignment out ;0(

0800xford, Oct 25, 11:19pm
pardon? please retype your request cohesively, thanks.

slimshady9, Oct 25, 11:25pm
Sorry deleted half my post, the software that came with the printer won't install, it gets half way and then STOPS. something about a error and not compatiable, is there any way to fix this so i don't have to get a new printer.

0800xford, Oct 25, 11:29pm
try the OEM site for newer drivers/software. if there are none try running it in compatibility mode. if you can't do that try some generic printing software.

slimshady9, Oct 26, 12:04am
Are you able to provide me with a link, i am new at all this and am scared to download something i shouldn't

0800xford, Oct 26, 12:06am
sure. are you on dialup or broadband? the drivers are 70MB...

0800xford, Oct 26, 12:10am
copy and paste this link, it takes you to the brother drivers/utility site [for vista] -

drcspy, Oct 26, 1:25am
Look we're a bloody clever bunch here but NOT psychic......what you said "something about a error and not compatiable," goddam about you post the EXACT error message otherwise you're wasting your time and ours......

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