HP Officejet Pro 7580

samsara11, Oct 26, 12:14am
HP Officejet Pro 7580 I am pulling my hair out!! Have had the printer for a few months now and now am having major problems with the scan function. I have rarely used the scanner up until now so not sure if this a new problem or existing - I suspect the former. I have been on the phone to HP and they just keep making me uninstall and reinstall (something I have done several times) I have downloaded the new software and all is fine - next day, cannot use the scanner! Can anyone give me some suggestions as I really dont feel like contacting HP until last resort. Error message "No Scan Options": Refer to device documentation to troubleshoot" cont

samsara11, Oct 26, 12:16am
ContI have done all they suggest on there (was told by HP support I should NEVER have done that???) but did not solve. It did appear to rectify when I downloaded the newer version of the software but was shortlived. Your help would be greatly appreciated thanks

samsara11, Oct 26, 3:37am
Anybody ?

johnboy007, Oct 26, 3:41am
Not Really But one question, the account you installed the drivers and software under is the same as the account you are using it under? Are you using the supplied scanning software? Have you tried doing a scan using the scanners and cameras applet in the control panel - perhaps a conflict with device contention.

samsara11, Oct 26, 4:18am
Thanks, just checked and the only software there is the L7580. Yes, I installed from in the first case the cd and then from the HP web which has a newer version

johnboy007, Oct 26, 4:21am
What OS If you are running XP for example there is an applet in the control panel (regardless if you have a scanner or not) called scanners and cameras, you can open this up and try and do some scanning and see if that works.

samsara11, Oct 26, 4:34am
Thanks, I will try that next time is stuffs up (which will be in the morning. I have just re-installed the software. Does that give me the facility to scan to fax, email etc?

johnboy007, Oct 26, 4:43am
NoBut it will test the communication between the OS and scanner. There are 3 parts to the scanning process, the driver of which the OS uses to communicate with the hardware, a twain driver and software which uses the drivers to present the image to the software (word, photoshop etc) and the software. wish I could help more but its the kinda thing you really need to be infront off.

samsara11, Oct 26, 4:49am
Yes I understand that and I am not that computer literate. Can do most things but I think I was better than the HP person!! I fail to see why uninstalling, reinstalling 7 times makes much difference expect trying my patience. Oh and then she said - you can call back next week. Me - "no darlin' we are sorting this out now"!!

samsara11, Oct 26, 4:51am
One thing I do remember is that I could scan through paint so that may answer your question (blonde here!)

johnboy007, Oct 26, 4:55am
Lol If they are like any other helpdesk its probably based in india and all the questions are completely scripted, the usual response is have you rebooted or reinstall. Obviously there is something else going on and it is strange that it works first off then stops, one thing I could ask is do you leave the machine on and let it go into powersave or something, maybe usb port isnt waking up - if using ports on the front of the case switch to ports in the back. As for being compuetr literate, I know people in the trade who still have no idea so dont take it personally :)

samsara11, Oct 26, 4:59am
Aw thanksyes, I was talking to the Philippines! All the usb are in the back of the computer, power straight into plug. It is so frustrating when you tell them what YOU have done but nooooo, you have to go through those things again 'cos that is what their script says!

samsara11, Oct 26, 5:01am
Yes, I do leave my computers on .

johnboy007, Oct 26, 5:06am
Painful Aye Its a frustrating experience but what choice do you have, I guess one approach is to test it on another machine. If its still under warranty test it on another machine (friend or family even) and if does the same thing then its obviously faulty. When and if you take it back make sure you jot down exactly what happens and what you have tried and insist that they test it not just initially but again later that day, if you write the stuff doen might stop you from having to explain in detail to the sweaty part time student working at DSE.

samsara11, Oct 26, 5:13am
Now that is a good idea, I will install it on my laptop...which is wirelessly connected with my other computer (will that hurt) toldja I was blonde

johnboy007, Oct 26, 5:16am
Perfect And No it should have no bearing on the testing, if it fails again on laptop I would insist you try one last thing before taking it back, download the latest drivers from the HP website, only cause thats the first (or perhaps second) thing they will ask you to do. I can give you the URL if you dont know where to go

samsara11, Oct 26, 8:02am
Thank you so much for your help, I will let you know how I get on. Will install tomorrow...

gibler, Oct 26, 8:21am
I seem to remember a similar model at work with similar issues. I see they have a very new driver.. try that. don't forget to run their updated uninstaller too.

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