what do i need to look for

kremer, Mar 8, 2:22am
What do i need to look for i have 4 computers networked and all needing to share and change the same files what do i need to buy, to plug an independent external usb hard drive and printer in that all computers can share

dougstringer, Mar 8, 2:54am
You could host the files & printer on one PC. Or get a nas box & a usb/parallel print server. You may be able to find a nas that will host a printer as well.

kremer, Mar 8, 7:33am
Thanks doug could you post a link to a nas product that you would recommend

rhys.m, Mar 8, 7:35am
Also if you've only got a 4 port router at the moment you will need to buy an additional switch to allow you to connect more network devices to your network.

flewy, Mar 8, 7:35am
.... http://www.freenas.org/

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