Adobe Photoshop & Picasa

kernal1, Mar 24, 4:49am
HELP PLE!! Adobe Photoshop & Picasa Suddenly cannot email from these.
Email comes up with photos attached and a little line saying this email has not been sent!!
Adress book comes up empty and even putting an address in manually doesn't help!
Have not altered any settings that I know off.
Both free downloads? Used for ages with no problems.
Not top of the class with computers so how do I please get this back?
Many thanks!

deviant.s, Mar 24, 6:29am
Photoshop, picasa email? am i missing something?

flewy, Mar 24, 6:43am
Dont ya love it when they dont come back.

kernal1, Mar 24, 7:42am
Yes! You did miss something and I am back!!! As said in my question I could not email photos from either programme as I have done for years!
Thankfully, and the reason I did not stay online was I had visitors and this was sorted for me! Outlook was not set as my default programme! I am sure I didn't alter it but regardless changing that has corrected my problem!
Thank you for your invaluable advice. I also mentioned that I wasn't an expert with computers!

spj2, Mar 24, 7:44am
Errr...Photoshop isn't a free download unless you got it from The Pirate

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