is Adobe Flash Player a hoax or rubbish or...

olack, Oct 28, 5:44am
Is Adobe Flash Player a hoax or rubbish or...a god upgrade of Adobe9. I installed it and had all sorts of problems straight after then. I entered SafeMode and uninstalled it and the computer seems to be going ok now. At least it going much much better now.

olack, Oct 28, 5:46am
Oops, I meant to ask about FlashPlayer 10...

r.g.nixon, Oct 28, 5:47am
I haven't had a problem Did you get it straight from Have only used version 10 on three computers with Firefox 3.

harrihorse, Oct 28, 5:47am
Adobe has a good name, could be something that conflicts with it in your apps ?

olack, Oct 28, 5:55am
I had a whole lot of video softwares, like codecs ...installed. Got rid of them as well. Adobe Flash Player updateit was an odd looking thing on the screen and I really wondered about it being a proper legitimate Adobe thing. It was an adobe window opening in the middle of the screen saying there was an update...I still have my doubts. And now I am thinking about it the red colour was not so Adobe red! When you open Flash Player 9 in a website that is using Flash Player you can open a window with about 3 tabs for settings. When open this thing had 6 tabs. Even the Adobe website looked dodgy, it really seemed to be Adobe but it did not seem to be a well organised and easy to use ....thing....

olack, Oct 28, 6:09am
Yes, computer is going like it was before I ...installed that Adobe Flash Player update. I am rather sure that was the problem.

olack, Oct 28, 6:17am
...I didn't like it at all ! !!!

olack, Oct 31, 5:42am
May have a faulty memory Flash Player 10 is installed and going ok. I had a PC6400 and a PC5300 module installed and was going ok in Dual Channel Mode then had all sorts of shut down problems then the 2 short beeps during bootup. I tried the 2 modules in all combinations and the PC6400 in the DIMM1 slot went ok then got a Blue Screen. Only the PC5300 seems to go ok in the DIMM1 slot. They do not seem to want to work together. Computer is not supposed to support PC6400 but with a PC5300 was going ok for 6 months. However with only the PC5300 installed the PC does make the same 2 short beeps during bootup that it made when the 2 speeds modules together. If I enter the Bios before Windows starts there is no beep the second boot which is making me wonder if the problem is not the different speed modules. Floppy drive is installed and ok'd to be internal floppy device in Bios.

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