a 7 pin to TV adapter...R/G/B/Yellow

olack, Oct 28, 5:49am
A 7 pin to TV adapter...R/G/B/Yellow ...can any RCA connector be used on them? CAn an audio RCA cable be used as a Video RCA? Could I use a double audio cable on the adapter in the title on any of the R G B Y RCA sockets?? ...gasp for air...heh...

executor1, Oct 28, 7:07am
Should work fine, just make sure to plug each end of the cable into the correct sockets. If you mix them up then they will not work.

olack, Oct 28, 8:30am
I could experiment which is which RCA connector...Red Green Blue Yellow?
Yellow = Video ??

mauns23, Oct 28, 9:52am
Red Green Blue = Video Yellow = Coaxial digital audio

olack, Oct 28, 10:44am
Wow, someone made some sense of my question...well done. Thank you. I figured out the GBR were for a DVD player connection but thats about all. Do they mean anything for a PC DVDRom player? I have a 7 pin adapter to the graphics card with the GBR connectors. I figured, well, the TV has a GBR so I can use the adapter to play DVDs from the computer..

kingzzz, Oct 28, 12:02pm
the svideo to component cable you got will only output video. if you want sound you need another cable from the sound output of the pc to the tv, this could mean a straight 3.5mm plugs or 2.5mm to 2 RCA plugs

olack, Oct 29, 6:41am
Kingzzz, ok I understand that ...thank you

olack, Oct 31, 5:47am
Using an nvidia 8600gt extreme video card ...just found out it is extreme...ahem...um, wil this card capture video? A link to the details of the cardhttp://tinyurl.com/564zuu I have both the S-Video and the Composite going ok on the TV and sound...

lostdude, Oct 31, 8:04am
Have you got sound from the video card output only? or are you connecting from soundcard? I know newer video cards, (from the 8 series) do have 2 (or 3 pin - will have to check mine again) cables to connect to spdif digital out from MB or soundcard for HDMI with sound. Not sure if it works for component/coaxial output also.

olack, Oct 31, 8:29am
I meant I am getting sound from the VHS tapes ...am using sound blaster live!. Have you any idea where to get an ati aiw cd from. Hoping to find one in NZ but will have only come with the retail cards. Awesome looking software cd applications but I think that may be the only way to get video capture with that card. The playback for capture looks so much better from the x800xt(not sure what max capture spec is, but much finer than mpeg 1/2) than the same on the older dse xh6765(mpeg 1 -2 I think)

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