Picassa - Is it large and bad for your cp?

tammy30, Mar 8, 7:11am
Picassa - Is it large and bad for your cp? Is this true? Just wondering before I get rid of it.

darrylwilliams, Mar 8, 7:13am
Rubbish, I have used Picassa for a while now and never had a problem. 32MB is not that big a program.

tammy30, Mar 8, 7:18am
Picasa2 I meant sorry prob does not make any diff tho?

chapadao, Mar 8, 7:18am
Lol "bad for your cp".... if you like it, it does what you want and runs ok for you then keep it!

darrylwilliams, Mar 8, 7:23am
We assumed you meant Picassa2 and PC and not cp. My view is the same as above. if it's useful to you keep it, if not uninstall it. It's is just as bad as any other program. It all depends on the user and it that user finds it useful.

tammy30, Mar 8, 7:26am
Thank u someone in general mentioned that it was large but ok, it stays. thanks again guys.

datoofairy, Mar 8, 7:28am
Someone told me it was too big and "bad" today as well. Personally, I think thats crap. I have used Picasa2 for ages. Its a great program and I certainly wont be getting rid of it.

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