ACER (desk top) where does the hard drive go?

romy.e, Oct 28, 7:19am
ACER (desk top) where does the hard drive go? a friend took out the hard drive to repair, now I am unsure where to put it back, I have taken the side of and put the 2 plugs in, does it slide in the slot infront of the buttons? hope this makes sence......please help

gibler, Oct 28, 7:22am
Which model of acer? on the veriton at least they do slide in there. There is a green lever that unlocks/locks then in place.

romy.e, Oct 28, 7:27am
Hi gibler sorry to sound dumb but is a veriton the big thing with everything in it? the main thing with the on/off button etc? i can see the green things, can i just put it on any slide thing? or does it need to go on a particular one?

beanie, Oct 28, 7:28am
Hanging them by the cables works for me:)

romy.e, Oct 28, 7:29am
hehehehe ummmm ill prob end up hanging myself instead

dunedin_ree, Oct 28, 7:30am
Romy need to know what make/model the computer is. "Acer" is a brand, so not all that helpful as they vary.

romy.e, Oct 28, 7:33am
Model: FSP300-60tha(1) hope this is the one?

dunedin_ree, Oct 28, 7:37am
I think that's the power supply How about taking a photo of the insides and uploading it somewhere and putting a link in here?

romy.e, Oct 28, 7:39am
Grrrrr great idea but camera is at work

dunedin_ree, Oct 28, 7:40am
Do the instructions in post 2 make sense?

datoofairy, Oct 28, 7:41am
I have to say.....Do you really think its a good idea for you to be playing around in there? I'm not trying to be mean, but you obviously have no idea what you are doing. Does the friend who took it out know what they are doing, and could they not help you put it back together?

romy.e, Oct 28, 7:41am
It does as i can see the green clips, Ill try that

gibler, Oct 28, 8:24am
Er the model is usually on a sticker on a side of the case e.g. Veriton 7800.From memory unlock position is to the left..lock is to the right.

romy.e, Oct 28, 8:29am
Datoo You are right mate, I left it to the professionals, souldnt be touching down there eh hehehe my friend how now come over and fixed it, bugger him. But thank u guys soooooooo much for all your help, I really appreicate it

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