Damn Printer Cartridges - what a watse

ajk, Oct 28, 10:22am
Damn Printer Cartridges - what a watse Dont you hate it when its far cheaper to buy a new printer than get 2 new cartridges. Such a waste, I have refilled the cartridges 3 times now, and they are poked, but the printer is less than a year old and still works great (well would if it had ink). What a waste to throw it out. What a throw away society we have created...

ajk, Oct 28, 10:23am
"Waste" not Watse LOL but u know what I mean

kingzzz, Oct 28, 12:17pm
refilling is expensivejust buy new cartridges.

hakatere1, Oct 28, 4:08pm
CISS 183623170

soodanim, Oct 28, 6:40pm
Just find compatible ink cartridges....depending on the printer you can usually get them for around $10 a cartridge.

intrade, Oct 28, 7:27pm
You can buy cheaper print heads i used to buy my ones for my canon printer from a place who sold em for 12 bux instead of 29 at dse

nec-ronomicon, Nov 2, 12:56am
Cheaper to refill im sure theres someone on tm offering to refill them cheaply, just do a search.hint.lol!

pcmaster, Nov 2, 3:23am
I agree entirely I have several printers here that work well but ink costs are ridiculous, even with the cheaper compatibles sometimes. soon adds up when you need more than one or 2 cartridges

r.g.nixon, Nov 2, 3:29am
Running low on ink for our Canon ip1600 so ordered a new ip1800 today for $39.99 (cheaper than ink!)

comfreak91, Nov 2, 3:29am
I found HP to be scum in ripping off people for ink. Prefer brother

comfreak91, Nov 2, 3:30am
Well keep in mind every time you buy a new printer which has new ink, it cycles through about 40% of it just to get going

sanders4, Nov 2, 7:41am
Re 9 I only buy midrange units, my printers have done 8 years between the 2 and ink is cheap off Trademe. i dont think your $40 unit will be cheap for either ink or performance over time.

morrisman1, Nov 2, 8:17am
Think of the resources you are using by replacing the whole printer rather than an ink cartridge! printers only come with starter cartridges anyway, then you face the hassle of setting it up and disposing of the old one. very irresponsible to just replace the printer willy-nilly. they should up the price of the printer and decrease the price of the ink just to be more environmentally friendly

harrihorse, Nov 3, 12:49am
I have one of these printers that have 5 diff sartridges, they don't log, at $15 a pop, getting pricey, Epson are smart dudes, only their replacementd will work in this stylus CX 3700.
Have tred other cheaper ones that don't work.

bowla3, Nov 3, 1:26am
Printer cartridgea I have a Brother 110C. Genuine carts are $30+ Blk. $20+ ea. for 3 colours. Am using compatibles @ $10 ea. Get them in Whangarei, no brand name on the packet which is gold/yellow. Man tells me it's the same ink as genuine but carts r filled in Asia.

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