will xtra issue adsl routers connect to other ISPs

Will xtra issue adsl routers connect to other ISPs i havnt tried using them on other networks before like clear or orcon for example, the xtra issues 502t routers have their own firmware with their own xtra page and i was just curious to know if it lets you connect to other networks other than xtra. TIA

geek_nzoomed, Oct 29, 11:53 am

Not a problem to use on other Isp's It's only a change of internal settings.

geek_mrfxit, Oct 29, 11:57 am

Cool i thought so, but on one of the pages i think it had xtra.co.nz after the username automatically so as to only allow xtra accounts

geek_nzoomed, Oct 29, 12:28 pm

Huh ..........so ......just change it........i've just checkd my one and it's the same but totally simple to change just overtype it

geek_drcspy, Oct 29, 1:00 pm

Don't use the wizard, put the settings in manually FYI, the only locked down ones are the 2wire models issued to telecom business broadband. They can be use in bridge mode with another router (they had a 400mw transmitter and 3 internal antennas, so make excellent APs), although you have to use hacks to get full power. There are unlocked firmwares out there, however they are lagging a few models behind the ones issued by Telecom at the moment.

geek_osymandias, Oct 29, 1:00 pm

Hmm, I have a 2Wire model just like in the photo, brought back from o/s. Works fine here, but missing a DDNS client. Where are the firmware downloads?

geek_poohy99, Oct 29, 4:38 pm

This should get you started, some threads are long http://tinyurl.com/6pa9gr
http://tinyurl.com/3gp45g http://tinyurl.com/5oln4r

geek_osymandias, Oct 29, 5:00 pm

P.S. What hardware version are you using? Or, what's your assembly number? I'm trying to hunt down the firmware for recent ones.

geek_osymandias, Oct 29, 5:01 pm

It's a 2701HG-B, 4200-001047-000 I'll fire it up and look for the firmware.

geek_poohy99, Oct 29, 5:07 pm

Hardware Version: 2700-100594-004 Software Version: 5.29.47 and Key Code: 52AN-2374-WHE2-22AZ-B27S which is AT&T's for home users. cheers!

geek_poohy99, Oct 29, 5:11 pm

They work as-is Pretty sure they do. If you don't like having the xtra-branded firmware you can get the original firmware from d-link and reflash them.

geek_hunnyb1, Oct 29, 6:00 pm

Its ok worked fine, this one although xtra did not have the xtra blended firmware in it although on the box it indicated it did. works fine without any problem

geek_nzoomed, Oct 29, 9:19 pm

It's only 2wire that are a problem they only sell to ISPs, so there's no legal downloads of unlocked firmware. And the one I use is a later model then the unlocked firmwares floating around on the interwebs. Well, I only wanted it for an AP, but it would be nice to unlock it on principle. But if anyone knows of or has any firmware (locked or not, need to start working on something) for 2701-100655-004, software, please do the world a favour and post a link - pretty pleaseMost annoyingly, the router has two VOIP lines, but Telecom has disabled them in software.

geek_osymandias, Oct 30, 1:30 am

Why not try a different key code if you can? On my at&t version I suspect that is how features are controlled rather than special firmware. http://support.2wire.com/?page=view&article=64

geek_poohy99, Oct 30, 12:58 pm

Actually on reflection and further reading it seems the activation code simply pre-configures the modem to connect to the ISP without any further actions from the user. Once there it runs through a very-clever on-line installation routine.

geek_poohy99, Oct 30, 1:16 pm

New information on how to unlock Telecom NZ 2700HGV-W supplied with v6.1.1.43 firmware can be found here.


It involves reflashing the firmware with a BT v6.1.1.22 beta firmware.

geek_friend_of_aaron, Jul 2, 2:18 am

Tried flashing Telecom NZ 2700HGV-W with BT v6.1.1.22, seemed to work fine however I have tried the "System Password hack" to change the logon details but it refuses to update.

I can use the realms @btclick etc but nothing else :(

Anyone had similar probems?

Also I notice there is no way to reflash it - the menu entry seems to have disappered!

geek_rotm, Jan 21, 3:18 pm