Acer Aspire 5920 help pls

diasam, Oct 29, 12:22am
Acer Aspire 5920 help pls Hubby just rang from work in a panic, his 6 week old laptop is stuck in sleep mode (we think) he was using it and partly closed the lid and moved it to another table, computer shut off and now when he restarts it all the lights do their thing but there is nothing on the screen. He has tried rebooting it but no luck..he is working in Wellington and needs a quick fix for work as he is away for 10 days and can't wait until he gets back to Wanganui. Thanks in advance. Dianne

soodanim, Oct 29, 12:34am
Try holding the power button down for a few moments until it shuts down probably then restart it

diasam, Oct 29, 2:15am
Thankyou Will ring him and get him to try it

diasam, Oct 29, 2:46am
Rang him and he said "Woohoo, you are brilliant and thankyou ever so much" he held it for 60 seconds and it went off and came back on then went off again but this time everything worked perfect.
Told him Computing was the best place on the net to get advice as it is quick, accurate and you guys are awesome. Thanks again from Dianne and Sam

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