ADSL light on router ?

ADSL light on router ? I have broadband with Ihug, I'm on their 2GB fair use plan and the ADSL light on the router keeps going off for about 1 minute then clicks back on. It will do this every 5 mins and its bloodly annoying. I'm running 4 computers though a hub if that helps ? Never had a problem before but these last few hours its been shit...

geek_pixma, Mar 24, 9:49 pm

Have you tried rebooting the router?

geek_phil_boy, Mar 24, 9:52 pm

.... I have rebooted the router, then the router and the computers and when that did not work I rebooted the router,computers and the hub. Still makes no diff. I ring Ihug and they say nothings wrong. WTF ???

geek_pixma, Mar 24, 9:55 pm

You got filters on all the phone lines? Including sky digital/fax machines. Try performing an isolation test, so unplug all the phone devices in the house and leave the router directly plugged into the phone jack. You could also try another phone jack. Then ring Ihug back and tell them to log a fault with Telecom.

geek_rhys.m, Mar 24, 9:58 pm

#1... Maybe it's Ferrit karma. Piss off

geek_swivel, Mar 24, 10:35 pm

Lol..was waiting... voted here too

geek_litldevil, Mar 24, 10:35 pm

Maybe its becouse it is a D-link crap modem.......

geek_intrade, Mar 25, 8:21 am

Karma - The ferrets are smiling. Voted....

geek__sexylady_, Mar 25, 8:25 am

I'm with the ferrets, I think they have chewed at your cable. Stump up for a computer technician to come round and sort it out.

geek_gyrogearloose, Mar 25, 9:35 am

... There is an impact switch within the casing of those ADSL modems, they can only be reset with applied force, please take a 20lb sledgehammer and place modem on floor, swing sledgehammer above head and hit the modem precisely in the middle, this will trigger the impact-reset switch, donít worry if the plastic casing shatters this is meant to happen and is easy to put back together again with 3 tubes of SuperGlu.

geek__sexylady_, Mar 25, 9:43 am

SL... doing that with a Sledgehammer will put a smile on Intrades face LOL

geek_swivel, Mar 25, 9:46 am

Maybe u used up the 2 gb plan you have with them  

geek_ezy_pezy_trade, Mar 25, 9:48 am

Had same prob had to buy a new modem in the end ....

geek_amanda22, Mar 25, 10:33 am