Web hosting - pay as you go?

Web hosting - pay as you go? I'm curious, would anyone be interested in a NZ web hosting pay as you go plan? E.g. you only pay for what you use. Something like this: you top your account up $10, then disk space is 1 cent per 2MB per day, free NZ traffic, and $1 per 100MB of international traffic. e.g. you use 2MB of disk space, it costs 1c/day. you use 20MB of disk space, it costs 10c/day. 200 MB = $1/day etc. Only pay for what you use that day. And for every 100 MB of international traffic, $1 comes off your account. Would anyone actually use something like that? So you only pay what you use for?

geek_snowfly, Oct 29, 7:06 pm

Note Note, this is note an advert or plug. I am just doing some research, and will not reveal who for. Thanks

geek_snowfly, Oct 29, 7:07 pm

No, I wouldn't. nice idea but there is so much more to hosting than what you suggest here. I (reluctantly) use an overseas host, not USA, and no one here can come close to what they offer. Besides, with your suggestion, the more hits a persons website might get, ie traffic, the more I will have to pay. I can see what your idea is, but in the face of what's offered overseas I just can't see this being competetive

geek_realjumper, Oct 29, 7:21 pm

Re: 3 You have to remember this is a NZ product, aimed at NZ'ers, for websites in NZ (hence the free traffic). So its in competition to other NZ hosts, not international. Being a NZ host/servers mean faster speeds.

geek_snowfly, Oct 29, 7:24 pm

Unfortunately Websites are international, not restricted to NZ

geek_realjumper, Oct 29, 7:34 pm

Re: 5 I appreciate your feedback, thats why i've posted, to get feedback. And yes, websites are international, hence why my 1st post stated 100MB of international traffic for $1. I've done a survey of over 500 websites that a certain provider hosts, and the average international usage is less then 500 Mb per month. So 500MB would cost $5 per month. And lets say the average disk space per site is 10 Mb, that would only cost 5c/day (or $1.50 / month). So cheaper than paying XXXX host $15 per month for 50 MB space with 5GB international traffic, when you don't actually use it. Thats the point I'm trying to raise, the 'pay only for what you use'.

geek_snowfly, Oct 29, 7:38 pm

Yes I see where you're going....butas I said, there is so much more than just hosting.....after all, I could host my own site if I just wanted a static site, What about things like (say) FrontPage (yuk) Extensions, php, Mysql databases, Control Panel, File Manager, FTP, Email accounts, Guest Book, CGI Script, Shooping cart, Photo Gallery and on and on and on.....it's much, much more than just hosting a static website if you want to compete!!

geek_realjumper, Oct 29, 7:48 pm

You would have to cap the costs or it could easily get out of control

geek_woogmo, Oct 29, 7:50 pm

Re: 7 Yes, includes all that. PHP, 1 mysql database, control panel, unlimited subdomains/emails/aliases, etc
Re:8, yes thats a good idea about caps, maybe the customer could either set the cap at their current balance, e.g. $10 in their account, if that suddenly gets used up by 1GB of international traffic, then stop int traffic until another topup. ORset a limit.

geek_snowfly, Oct 29, 8:02 pm

Maybemaybe the $1 per 100 MB of international traffic sounds to restrictive?? Maybe $1 per 200 MB would be more attractive? But then again, this is targeted at NZ websites, with unlimited nz traffic.

geek_snowfly, Oct 29, 8:03 pm

For comparison I pay $70 NZ for: 1GB disk space, 20GB traffic, 3 x Mysql DB's, PostgreSQL DB's, MX Record Changes, Catch All email, Spam Assasin, Mailing list, Virus Scan, FTP, FP Extensions, FTP, Forum/Bulletin board. Guestbook, CGI, Chat Room, Site Search engine, Invision Board, PHP Nuke, Mambo, Photo Gallery, Post Nuke, WordPress, Nucleaus, Web Stats Analiser, Raw Access log, Bandwidth/space meter, HTAccess, Cron, SSi includes, Media Streaming, Curl, Curl SSl, SSL, Agora Shopping Cart, OS-Commerce Shopping Cart and a super comprehensive Control Panel, 24/7 online support and 99.99999 uptime!!!!

geek_realjumper, Oct 29, 8:23 pm

but that is for your needs this idea would be viable for smaller sites, amateurs. As long as it is well supported

geek_woogmo, Oct 29, 8:37 pm

_Sounds an interesting idea. Could do well, pre-paid hosting, with the deductions etc. Just remember to charge enough for the traffic, or that you are getting a good deal. Are you going to have a NZ based server? - for the other one, is that $70 per year?

geek_photosales, Oct 29, 9:13 pm

Yes, per year

geek_realjumper, Oct 29, 9:28 pm

Seems waay overly complicated to me and would be a bear to administer. You would have to write all your own usage accounting and billing systems for a start.

geek_bitsy_boffin, Oct 29, 10:57 pm

Dude..pass on the hosting business trust me sugar coating it is just a waste of time and the money in it is pretty C**P

geek_akengineer, Oct 30, 7:43 am

Too complicated. A decent tiered system is better (IMO).

geek_dunedin_ree, Oct 30, 7:47 am