Cheap printer cartridges?

thescenery, Oct 30, 5:18am
Cheap printer cartridges? Is their such a thing? Does anyone know of somewhere to get cheap genuine canon cartridges? I am beginning to think that it is just cheaper to buy a new darn printer...

kevin16, Oct 30, 5:19am
It is cheaper to buy a printer,.. next time check the refill prices first,..

morrisman1, Oct 30, 5:30am
It may be cheaper to buy a printer but you get a craphouse printer and the cartridges are just starters, just have a small amount of ink in them. aftermarket cartridges/refills run the risk of clogging print heads and ruining your current printer. just splash out and buy genuine ones. if you find that you only print black most of the time then its probably best to buy a mono-laser (cheap brothers are about $200). most lasers come with 1500 page toners and replacement toners do 2500 pages. keep a inkjet printer in the cupboard for when you need colour. i found that our inkjet was the most unreliable thing ever and required constant maintence. the laser just turns on and prints. no issues whatsoever. i think after about 10000 pages you need to replace the drum.

wasgonna, Oct 30, 6:20am
Have used this company for years for my Canon printer. As good as the genuine ones and no hasn't damaged the machine.

tptrader, Oct 30, 6:24am
Totally agree with have been using them for a while now and just put in a new one a couple of days ago. Had 1 faulty one and they replaced it no questions asked.

sanders4, Oct 30, 6:26am
Re Inkjets I have 2 inkjet printers and have never had a problem with either. My original Epson 600 gave 6 years perfect use before at least another 2 with my daughter. i have also never had a failure with generic ink cartridges but have family members that have had problems with refill kits. Canon are as good as Epson.

got2bin2win, Oct 30, 6:30am
What do you call expensive I use genuine canon most places sell them for $25 ea but the place i buy them $19 so pays to shop around.

hakatere1, Oct 30, 1:10pm
CISS TM 183623170

nzmu, Oct 30, 5:00pm
I second morrismanCheap ink is not the same as the brand ink. Brand ink is top stuff manufactured with usually pigment, resin and oils, specifically designed for the printer and the likes of HP Vivera and Epson Durabrite and Claria are guaranteed to last (with correct storage) 100yrs+. Cheap ink is usually dye based and I doubt you will find that guarantee on the pack.

kevin16, Oct 30, 5:22pm
The point of a printer is short term solution to display info in a basic tactile form,.. not intended to be a long term solution,.. so how long the ink 'lasts' is really quite irrelevant,.. you always have the 'original' as data on a disk so you can reproduce as many as often as necessary,..

medgirl, Oct 31, 6:33am
ON TM I got 2 new genuine on here, sweet as, cheap too

nec-ronomicon, Nov 2, 12:41am
Refill? or genuine? genuine = expensive
refill = cheap
prectically the same quality in printing, i havent seen any major differences yet and i refill cartridges on a regular basis - check my auctions if you want a cheap refill lol
the only downside i know of using refilled ink is that it may void the warranty, on the off chance that something does go wrong, the company doesnt have to know that youve used refilled ink lol. just keep an empty set of genuine cartridges in case you have to send it back. might seem dodgy but theres no way they can tell lol

sarah1955, Nov 2, 3:39am
Computer Foods.....They are really good compatible cartridges for many makes and models of printers.

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