USB to FireWire DV Adapter

USB to FireWire DV Adapter Am looking for one of these for a Canon MiniDV MX100i. Does anyone know where I can find one? I don't know which shops to look in and can't seem to find one on TM but I mightn't be looking in the right place (video cameras section). Canon themselves said they don't sell them. I'm not in town much so wouldn't know where to start looking. Any ideas?

geek_angelzw, Oct 30, 10:59 pm

go for a straight firewire PCI card...

geek_acura, Oct 30, 11:13 pm

Wouldnt it be limited by the max transfer that the usb is cabable of anyway....

geek_akengineer, Oct 31, 12:44 am

Not sure but I can't add a firewire card as I have an HPeVectra mini pc so can't be added to and has no spare slots for additional cards. Hence the cable option. Not even sure it will work because of the slow speed throttled by USB - just wanted to investigate and look at buying one but don't know where to look. Couldn't find one on TM and don't live in town.

geek_angelzw, Oct 31, 7:48 am

Short answer is.. there isn't one. USB and Firewire and totally different technologies. Now - having said that I have seen someone had developed a converter overseas somewhere - but it was hideously expensive.

geek_flick13, Oct 31, 8:14 am

I did find one overseas on the internet but yeah it was hideously expensive. And the article was dated 2004 so thought there might be some readily available now. Also found an other one here Ah well. Back to the drawing board!

geek_angelzw, Oct 31, 9:27 am

Just borrow a Mini DV camera that can export the video over USB.

geek_hdmovies, Oct 31, 9:32 am

Or if quality isn't an issue Fins a standalone DVD recorder with Firewire input. Record to DVD, the rip the DVD to the computer.

geek_hdmovies, Oct 31, 9:33 am

I think I have a converterI bought a pack that does EVERYthing, they all plug into a USB extention cable. Can you show me a photo of the end/plug you need? Drop me a question on my auction. Not in here all that often.

geek_mr_lovebug, Oct 31, 9:38 am