So is my printer faulty?

lilyfield, Oct 31, 8:43am
So is my printer faulty? HP 3in1. works well printing from"Word" but not at all of the internet pages. help!!!!!!!!!! please

b.j.nichols, Oct 31, 8:50am
Yip, stuffed.chuck it away and buy a new one. Lol

lilyfield, Oct 31, 8:52am

pcmaster, Oct 31, 9:08am
Lol whats it doing/not doing when printing web pages?

lilyfield, Oct 31, 9:14am
Its rattling and making all the right noises and the paper comes out with a very very unreadable print on it- like its out of ink. But like I said-works fine on "Word"

switched_on, Oct 31, 9:25am
May be this maybe it is using the wrong print processor. check the settings in the printer properties

lythande1, Oct 31, 7:45pm
Of course not They either print or not print properly. Not depending on which program you print from. It will be a settings problem.

nick135, Nov 1, 3:08am
Thats strange mine works the other wayprints fine from internet, but has a problem with word docs.

lilyfield, Nov 2, 8:23am
Problem solved Thanks for all your help, but it turned out that it was a colour cartridge problem. Word worked fine as it was all in black, browser pages are mostly colour and no colour appeared. Disabled colour cartridge and all ok (now I just need another colour cartridge...)

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