acer aspire laptop

Acer aspire laptop i cant get my laptop to work, i turn it on and it gets to the log on page and freezes then reboots itself. then repeats the same process. can anyone help?

geek_thekids1, Nov 1, 1:48 pm

Yup hit f2 or del key when it boots and see if zou get in the bios. change to cd rom as first boot divise save and exit. then pop kanotix live linux cd in the cd rom and boot with that.. if it boots you have a busted winblowsand if linux wont boot you got hardware problem..

geek_intrade, Nov 1, 2:12 pm

or try to boot into safe mode.

geek_0800xford, Nov 1, 2:15 pm

I got in did a system restore and the system crashed, with a blue screenpage defaultand telling me to check newly installed software could be installed incorrectly. and gave a technical error

geek_thekids1, Nov 1, 2:56 pm

so what do they say? [verbatim or screenshot]

geek_0800xford, Nov 1, 3:00 pm

not sure what you mean about the vetbrim or screen. but it said to try and diable bios memory, and restart computer. the error was stop 0x00000050 0xfffffff0 0x00000000 0x00000000 81c47841 0x00000000. hope that helps.

geek_thekids1, Nov 1, 3:09 pm

are you sitting down? - []

geek_0800xford, Nov 1, 3:25 pm

Yes i am this doesnt sound good....

geek_thekids1, Nov 1, 3:47 pm

That is for xp i am running vista home basic..that is weird....

geek_thekids1, Nov 1, 3:50 pm