saw new 500gb sata hdds for 99 bucks

Saw new 500gb sata hdds for 99 bucks go...somewhere in the sth island...cishoppingmall or something, go grab...

geek_olack, Nov 1, 6:06 pm

This.........isn't news?

geek_rhys.m, Nov 1, 6:06 pm

Nuh...shut up olack...ok

geek_olack, Nov 1, 6:11 pm

this weekend only aye - []

geek_0800xford, Nov 1, 6:17 pm

This is not a new price while its cheap yes. they have been available this cheap from a few places for some time.

geek_oclaf, Nov 1, 6:21 pm

but it's this weekend only? we MUST be them, NOW.

geek_0800xford, Nov 1, 6:22 pm

Well that is what I paid for a 320gb and I hunted for that :(

geek_olack, Nov 1, 6:54 pm

Ok i orderd some 4 gig ram and the hdd pay them mondays hope it works

geek_intrade, Nov 1, 7:06 pm