Printing excel sheets

tankfull, Nov 1, 11:13pm
Printing excel sheets I am trying to print out an excel sheet.When I print it out it does not have the excel lines on it.Can anyone tell me how to set it to print the lines as well.It is microsoft excel 2007.Thanks.

executor1, Nov 2, 2:32am
Not 100% sure, but if i remember right, there is an option in print options to print gridlines

easygoer, Nov 2, 2:42am
It may be as per 2002 version Go "File" "Page setup" and select the "Sheet" tab, there is an option to print grid lines, however this only grids the fields that contain data, if you need a custom or fully gridded sheet you will need to use the format option, select "Cells" then the border tab and arrange the grid yourself

samsnan, Nov 2, 2:52am
Printing Excel Spreadsheets Rather than have all grid lines print, I use the borders tool to put boxes around the relevant cells. I even use the bold outline around the body of the data cells. This means that the heading is clear of lines. Looks better too. Try it. DH of Samsnan

tankfull, Nov 2, 5:06am
Thanks All I went to page layout then print in gridlines and headings.Was simple in the end.Lol.Thanks.

kieran211, Nov 2, 6:15am
I think the proper way is to use the border tool, but any way is good.

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