ken158, Mar 25, 1:43am
ACER COM PROB - ANY TECHS OUT THERE Acer Comp. CD drive problem. Brother in law

kevin16, Mar 25, 1:51am
You need to use a boot cd/dvd, to check the drive is reading when not in windows,..

babcorp, Mar 25, 1:55am
Also make sure boot order in BIOS is changed to boot from cd/dvd first.

ken158, Mar 25, 1:57am
Hi Kevin He has not got one to my knowledge. I'm only on 98. He bought it from H/Norman. Has Xp in package.

kevin16, Mar 25, 1:57am
Thanks babcorp I forgot to say that, could have been frustrating eh?,

ken158, Mar 25, 2:01am
Hi Babcorp I checked that in bios and it was set to boot from cd drive. Only have the floppy drive working at this point. Would I be able to load a boot up floppy disk with XP?

ken158, Mar 25, 2:03am
Sorry that would not be much use to check cd drive.??

babcorp, Mar 25, 2:07am
You'll find the resourses you need here. :-)

ken158, Mar 25, 2:09am
Thanks Babcorp Having a look now.

pcfix4u, Mar 25, 2:51am
R U Running the cd-rom and hard drive of the same cable

if so drive jumper to master and cd-rom to slave

ken158, Mar 25, 2:53am
Babcorp I have downloaded some files that may help.
Will go up there tonight (Nth Canty.) and see if I can get something working. Hopefully what I have downloaded may get it sorted. Will let you guys know. I have not ever had a cd drive do this before.

ken158, Mar 25, 2:57am
PCFIX From memory the cable goes to the hdd then to the cd drive. I will check that tonight.
Thanks for your input.

ken158, Mar 25, 3:03am
PCFIX Just rereading your post... do you mean a separate cable for each by any chance?

ken158, Mar 25, 3:07am
PCFIX.. again I have not altered any of the jumpers. When I opened the box it was the first time since new.

pcfix4u, Mar 25, 4:44am
Hi Ken Was the other cdrom secondhand??

the best way is a cable for each

but to test if it is the onboard ide that has failed U can run of the hard drive cable master for the drive cd-rom as slave

deodar, Mar 25, 6:03am
"drive is there and working okay"? Strange MSG,do you get that in the
Device Manager more like "This Device
is Working?"Swap it out with a newer one for testing.

ken158, Mar 25, 6:24pm
#15 - Thank you Yes - the cd drives I tried were each of 2 of mine that work okay on my gear. Did manage to get some files transferred per floppy, (from net b4 going up there), from

ken158, Mar 25, 6:38pm
#16 Thank you Sorry re the message. Yes it was via the Device Manager and it did say

pcfix4u, Mar 25, 9:49pm
Hi Ken what I meant if poss is to run the hard drive and cdrom of the same cable then U would know if it is a motherboard problem.most cables have 2 x ide connections one for slave and one for master.

whats the reg program ????
download ccleaner it is free and easy to use and fantastic.

all the best hopoe U sort it

ken158, Mar 26, 9:42am
PCFIX -thanks you Thanks for that. Will try it out. It will probably be about Tuesday night b4 I get up there again. Will let you know.

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