ACER COM PROB - ANY TECHS OUT THERE Acer Comp. CD drive problem. Brother in law’s comp. He is not on net. Intel. 2ghz. 40G Hdd. CD drive (burner) was working. Just stopped some time ago. Now wants to use it. Checked through best I can. Indicates ‘drive is there and working okay’. Will not work. Swapped with another drive and the same prob, says.. ' is there and working'. Light on other drive flashing but not doing anything. Cables all intact. Cant reload Win XP from disk. Any techs out there who could assist please?

geek_ken158, Mar 25, 2:43 pm

You need to use a boot cd/dvd, to check the drive is reading when not in windows,..

geek_kevin16, Mar 25, 2:51 pm

Also make sure boot order in BIOS is changed to boot from cd/dvd first.

geek_babcorp, Mar 25, 2:55 pm

Hi Kevin He has not got one to my knowledge. I'm only on 98. He bought it from H/Norman. Has Xp in package.

geek_ken158, Mar 25, 2:57 pm

Thanks babcorp I forgot to say that, could have been frustrating eh?,

geek_kevin16, Mar 25, 2:57 pm

Hi Babcorp I checked that in bios and it was set to boot from cd drive. Only have the floppy drive working at this point. Would I be able to load a boot up floppy disk with XP?

geek_ken158, Mar 25, 3:01 pm

Sorry that would not be much use to check cd drive.??

geek_ken158, Mar 25, 3:03 pm

You'll find the resourses you need here. :-)

geek_babcorp, Mar 25, 3:07 pm

Thanks Babcorp Having a look now.

geek_ken158, Mar 25, 3:09 pm

R U Running the cd-rom and hard drive of the same cable

if so drive jumper to master and cd-rom to slave

geek_pcfix4u, Mar 25, 3:51 pm

Babcorp I have downloaded some files that may help.
Will go up there tonight (Nth Canty.) and see if I can get something working. Hopefully what I have downloaded may get it sorted. Will let you guys know. I have not ever had a cd drive do this before.

geek_ken158, Mar 25, 3:53 pm

PCFIX From memory the cable goes to the hdd then to the cd drive. I will check that tonight.
Thanks for your input.

geek_ken158, Mar 25, 3:57 pm

PCFIX Just rereading your post... do you mean a separate cable for each by any chance?

geek_ken158, Mar 25, 4:03 pm

PCFIX.. again I have not altered any of the jumpers. When I opened the box it was the first time since new.

geek_ken158, Mar 25, 4:07 pm

Hi Ken Was the other cdrom secondhand??

the best way is a cable for each

but to test if it is the onboard ide that has failed U can run of the hard drive cable master for the drive cd-rom as slave

geek_pcfix4u, Mar 25, 5:44 pm

"drive is there and working okay"? Strange MSG,do you get that in the
Device Manager more like "This Device
is Working?"Swap it out with a newer one for testing.

geek_deodar, Mar 25, 7:03 pm

#15 - Thank you Yes - the cd drives I tried were each of 2 of mine that work okay on my gear. Did manage to get some files transferred per floppy, (from net b4 going up there), from ‘’ as suggested by 'babcorp’. I ran out of time last night. Did get his comp on the net which will hopefully help next time I am up there. It has never had any ‘XP service packs’ added as yet. The programme I tried found almost 800 ‘errors’. However it required payment to complete reg. and he does not have a credit card. Do you say to try the cable for the hdd plugged into the cd drive? Should I expect this to read a disk without hdd? I confirmed he was not given any back ups disks when purchased. Sorry to be so vague. I can handle my gear, but have never had a cd drive do this.

geek_ken158, Mar 26, 7:24 am

#16 Thank you Sorry re the message. Yes it was via the Device Manager and it did say “This device was working properly.” It was still saying this after I went through ‘trouble shooting’. I have only established it is ‘scsi’. I have tried 2 other drives that work with my gear and I get the same results, but don’t have access to newer ones. I will be going up there again next week.

geek_ken158, Mar 26, 7:38 am

Hi Ken what I meant if poss is to run the hard drive and cdrom of the same cable then U would know if it is a motherboard problem.most cables have 2 x ide connections one for slave and one for master.

whats the reg program ????
download ccleaner it is free and easy to use and fantastic.

all the best hopoe U sort it

geek_pcfix4u, Mar 26, 10:49 am

PCFIX -thanks you Thanks for that. Will try it out. It will probably be about Tuesday night b4 I get up there again. Will let you know.

geek_ken158, Mar 26, 10:42 pm