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kiwibubbles, Nov 3, 5:31am
Email hosting Hi - I need to find an email hosting plan for our domain. Alredy have the domain but the company we were with is now closing down so we need a new one. Don't want a website set up yet so just need an email hosting site thats reasonably cheap, and has anti-spam software etc. if anyone has any suggestions I'm open to them.. thanks

acura, Nov 3, 5:33am
some domain providers offer email forwarding? can you use that?

kiwibubbles, Nov 3, 5:43am
Hmmm its something we could consider yeahwe got our domain registered through the same company that is closing downdo you know of any domain providers that do this kind of thing?

jancemord, Nov 3, 5:47am

hippys, Nov 4, 3:21am is my domain register and I use to the mere cost of $2.95 a month, with unlimited email addresses.

utwo, Nov 4, 3:29am
Register Direct

malarky, Nov 4, 4:51am - they sounds ok. But they use USA servers.

d.snell, Nov 4, 5:48am
Kiwibubbles who is the Domain provider that is shutting down? Are you sure you don't mean a hosting company. I suspect the domain is purchased, on your behalf, from one of the NZ Domain Registry companies and most of them offer a cheap email only option..

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