IP vista

givmassage, Nov 3, 8:33am
IP vista how do you get the ip in windows vista please

rosehonda, Nov 3, 8:33am
You mean your own ip adress? .

givmassage, Nov 3, 8:36am
Ipyes of the pc`s own ip

rosehonda, Nov 3, 8:37am
Your internet ip adress ? http://whatismyip.com/

0800xford, Nov 3, 8:37am
run - cmd - ipconfig /all

givmassage, Nov 3, 8:43am
IP vista no that not work

givmassage, Nov 3, 8:55am

rosehonda, Nov 3, 8:56am
Are you asking for.. your internet ip adress?

givmassage, Nov 3, 8:58am
IP vista NO the pc`s own ip on a net work

rosehonda, Nov 3, 9:03am
This might help.. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928233 ...sory if it doesnt

qfamily, Nov 3, 9:10am
Command Prompt not work? It's been mentioned once but go; 'Start' button - 'All Programs' - 'Accessories' - 'Command Prompt' A black dialogue box will appear. In that box type 'ipconfig' minus the quotation marks and hit enter (for a larger synopsis add '/all' with a space after 'ipconfig') scroll to the top of the list of information provided to you and check 'IPv4 Address', this is your IP address for your local network. 'Default Gateway' will be your router (if you use one). Alternatively, open your router's configuration page and check under the list of DHCP clients (it'll give you MAC address as well), it varies from modem to modem though. Hopefully that helps, or at least simplifies.

hunnyb1, Nov 3, 9:11am
And they say linux is hard I only have to right click on the network icon and choose 'properties'

peg228, Nov 3, 9:52am
For Vistasimply click the start button, and type "cmd" in the search box without the " and click enter. Then do the "ipconfig/all" thing as mentioned before.

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