Canon Pixma Printer

diasam, Nov 3, 11:06pm
Canon Pixma Printer When i print anthing on this printer the text size is very small and hard to read, how do i adjust the size of the printed text to read. Everything else is fine. TIA. Dianne

r.g.nixon, Nov 3, 11:18pm
Select and change the print size in your application (Word, OpenOffice or whatever).

deodar, Nov 4, 12:30am
I have that model printer You can enlarge everything but not
isolated elements.Click print Preview
& you'll be able to play around with it.

pixma, Nov 4, 12:36am
I also have that printer model!

r.g.nixon, Nov 4, 12:53am
Was it named after you? I have an ip1600 and am picking up a new ip1800 today.

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