M Audio hard drive interference

ryanm2, Mar 8, 2:26am
M Audio hard drive interference I have an M Audio Fast Track Pro. Connected into my laptop via usb. However i am getting strange interference from the hard drive through my speakers. Its on a laptop as previous it worked fine on my desktop pc. any ideas?

dougstringer, Mar 8, 2:50am
How do you know it's the hard drive? Do you still get the interference when running on battery?

puddleduck00, Mar 8, 2:52am
Through your speakers which are connected to your M-Audio interface, or through your laptop speakers? Dumb question I know, but we can never assume on this board.

puddleduck00, Mar 8, 2:56am
And question number 2, 3 and 4...What software are you using with it (e.g. pro tools M powered, ableton live)...And do you get the interference while using this software, or just while playing back e.g. through windows media player, itunes etc.. And can you describe your setup..e.g. what kind of speakers, are they powered speakers or do you have an amp.

ryanm2, Mar 8, 5:01am
Its through an amp through speakers. Its not the software as it was running perfectly with my old pc. Since 'upgrading' to my laptop the problem has started. when the hard drive light on the laptop is on, or when you can hear the drive running the noise increases. The interference can also be heard whilst using media player as well.

ryanm2, Mar 8, 5:02am
The m audio support was a little vague was hoping someone has had similar problems with their laptops.

puddleduck00, Mar 8, 5:05am
Does the same thing happen when using the headphone out on your interface? I'm assuming yes..

ryanm2, Mar 8, 5:14am
Ok, i think i have it sorted. The interference goes away when im running just of batteries. However im going to have to have the laptop plugged in at some stage, is this a shielding issue or what? The m box has a switch for phantom power etc but i have tried all these and they made no difference.

puddleduck00, Mar 8, 5:48am
The interference goes away when your battery power is low? Power save mode...Wonder what it's disabling in power saving mode that's causing your interference.

pc_nut, Mar 8, 6:31am
With my old compaq theres faint noises through onboard sound and thats normal however desktops have better power supplys than laptops and i read its worst with the supply in and no noise running off batteries the power supply may be flakey and inducing interferance into the power amp, doesnt the laptop have onboard sound?

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