Freeview set up box

dbolton, Mar 7, 6:37pm
Freeview set up box Is there a difference in the Type of satelite setup boxes suitable for NZ. I am in the UK at present on holiday and the setup boxes are £20. God knows why we have to pay up to pay upwards of $200 for them in NZ. Would one of the UK ones be any good for our Freeview.

ply-boy, Mar 7, 7:24pm
I assume so.. Im using a HVR 4000 PC tv tuner and it works but with ALOT of setting up.

dbolton, Mar 7, 7:33pm
Tell me more How much setting up. What did you need to do

gyrogearloose, Mar 7, 8:39pm
The UK Freeview format is different to NZ so it won't work. The UK broadcasts Freeview DVB-T in MPEG2 while NZ, when DVB-T is launched, will be in MPEG4. Discussion of the relative costs of the decoders in the UK and NZ should also include factors like the economy of scale, and the annual license fee £135.50

gyrogearloose, Mar 7, 8:44pm
#1 - actually there is a flaw in your question Freeview in the UK is not broadcast via satellite at all, rather it is from terrestrial transmitters.

spyware, Mar 7, 10:43pm
Official approved Zinwell DVB-T H.264 set top boxes will be $549 when they go on sale in 3 weeks. Non approved boxes will still be between $400 and $500 as they will have HDMI outputs. UK DVB-T set top boxes will NOT work as they are mpeg2 only. There may be some more expensive boxes in the UK that do support H.264 however as it was trialled in London for a year.

flewy, Mar 7, 10:45pm
$550 dam might just get a pci card for the PC.

spyware, Mar 7, 10:50pm
UK DVB-T mpeg2 system is standard definition only so there set top boxes probably only support analog interfaces. We will have TV1/TV2 in 720p and TV3 in 1080i, upscaled from 576 lines at first, so obviously will require high definition capable boxes. Audio codec will be HE-AAC LATM which has only been used in Norway on their H.264 service.

dbolton, Mar 8, 4:36am
Re 5 Are you sure about that being terrestial recievers the on I saw definatley said satelite and a previous answer said that it could be done but required extra work

ply-boy, Mar 8, 6:27am
My TV card cost a even 200 $$$ does HD DVB T/S using media portal ts AWESOME small ammount of knowedge needed to get it setup under satellite but once done you will be one VERY! happy camper... you may need the PC to be on all the time but its cheaper and Upgradeable... Add another 500GB HDD if you want :D

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