MYOB vs Quickbooks...

luminr, Nov 6, 8:17am
MYOB vs QuickbooksIm looking at accounting packages, whose using what and why??

tptrader, Nov 6, 8:22am
That one is a bit like Ford vs Holden but it may help, if you want to get some useful advice, to explain what features you are after. There are many versions of each product!

r.g.nixon, Nov 6, 8:23am
Ask your accountant which one he prefers if you are going to give him your files.

luminr, Nov 6, 8:28am
I have three users and need to use it over a net work.. i've heard MYOB can be dodgy but have nothing about quickbooks performance over a network. Any thoughts on this?

tptrader, Nov 6, 8:32am
Yeah but what FEATURES do you need Just a simple cashbook, inventory, debtors, creditors, job costing, general ledger, invoicing, bill of materials, don't say!

luminr, Nov 6, 8:37am
I have inventory items, debitors and creditors looking at intergrating payroll, I need quoting and invoicing, possibly multi currency with the ability to export information to excel for anaylsisI know both of these programmes do this, but what i really need is reliability in a networked environment.

wotz_it_2_ya, Nov 6, 8:46am
The latest version of MYOB seems to work better over networks.

tptrader, Nov 6, 8:47am
Yes I think earlier versions of MYOB had networking issues but that was long ago. Who are you getting your advice from and as prviously stated, have you asked your accountant?

luminr, Nov 6, 8:53am
I have been surfing for blogs on the internet about the two software packages. My accountant uses both packages. From my research it seems MYOB is more functional but on the lot of blogs lots of people are complaining about it crashing and having to spend hundreds on networking issues. Does anyone know what platform it was written in? I understand they are realeasing an SQL version next year ...........

tptrader, Nov 6, 9:22am
Good to see you're doing your homework. There are a couple of problems with your methodology. Firstly, you will get fanboys for one or the other, ignore them. Secondly it partly depends on what versions you're comparing. Products of this ilk will tend to leapfrog each other from version to version.

tptrader, Nov 6, 9:25am
Cont. If your accountant won't recommend one over the other then IMO it comes down to usability. From memory both have trial versions that you can test drive and make your own decision.

electro_geek, Nov 6, 11:35am
Quickbooks quickbooks works well over networks, however, it struggles with Huge (i mean really huge DBs) that said they are moving to a new database system soon, so that should be a thing of the past

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