Acer Aspire netbook help please

learner2, Nov 6, 11:16pm
Acer Aspire netbook help please A mate of mine brought a brand new acer aspire netbook in Singapore for use here in NZ. It does not connect to his wireless network. (telecom broadband dsl) We have called telecom, they said to call microsoft, microsoft told us to call acer...No one seems to be able to tell us what is wrong. Could it be that singapore uses a different network (NZ is CDMA etc) or would it be something else? It works fine when connected to the modem via cable but not on its own wireless. HELP...Yeah he should have waited for them to come to NZ then vought one but bit late now!

soodanim, Nov 6, 11:23pm
Is the wireless enabled?

jasongroves, Nov 6, 11:25pm
Last wireless Acer i used had a small switch at the front of the notebook to enable wireless

amiri1, Nov 6, 11:26pm
:)Nothing to do with telecom mobile network. You will need to get the SSID key, and make sure which encryption it uses(WPA or WEP), and which one the wireless configuration on the adsl router uses.

amiri1, Nov 6, 11:35pm
:)I would help more, but it's something I don't know off by heart. Would be much easier if I had it in front of me, or a similar laptop. But good luck :)

learner2, Nov 6, 11:53pm
Sorry yes wireless is connected .

learner2, Nov 6, 11:54pm
Thanks amiri found the switch you speak of but it hasnt worked!

learner2, Nov 6, 11:58pm
Damned thing! Sening info but not recieving.

amiri1, Nov 7, 12:03am
:)Try using the Wireless network setup which should be located in the control panel.

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