Uniden FP204 Corded Phone Issues?

shads_01, Nov 8, 2:33am
Uniden FP204 Corded Phone Issues? Hey there guys,
Brought my parents the above phone and they are having a small issue with it,
when you pick up the phone to dial a number it dials a random 4 digit number before it starts to dial the number, after reading the limited manual that was provided im at a loss as to what it is. The number its dialing doesnt show up on the screen and 2 other phones in the same house seem to work, just not this one! just wondering if anyone knowz of a way to reset it to factory settings or something? cheers from them :)

bugdy, Nov 9, 3:18am
It may be dialling0197 automatically before it dials. this number can be used before anything to withold caller id. iv never herd of a phone doing that but it may be possible.

guest, Jul 23, 11:56pm
I've got one that does the same thing ... can't seem to fix it or find a way to master reset !!

guest, Feb 22, 10:23am
Hey I have the same problem. Does anyone have an answer yet? Thanks

guest, Dec 17, 5:43am
Enter the following with the handset unplugged - it fixed mine


guest, Jan 15, 6:42am
whoever you are #5, you saved me!! Thank you, it fixed my phone. how did you discover this random number?

sheryl, Nov 25, 9:01pm
Thank you very much no.5 - I couldn't get any numbers to work, but tried your advice and hey presto - thanks again

stevog, Jun 28, 10:09am
Great...also works for FP205 handset...

stevog, Jun 28, 10:22am
Any other secret number options that this phone has?...

guest_auckland_n, Sep 27, 10:58pm
Worked for me too.. thanks

guest, Apr 23, 4:11am
geek_guest, Dec 17, 2011, 6:43 pm, You Are a Legend
the code (*#127173*#) you posted worked perfectly! :-)
Now I can make a phone call Thank You Very Much!!!

rod_brisbane, Oct 6, 5:10am
THanks for the reset code.

davo, Apr 21, 12:58am
This worked for me on the FP205 also.

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