CD / DVD Printer

nzvanfan, Mar 25, 8:37am
CD / DVD Printer Hi - can anyone recommend a CD/DVD Printer with well priced ink cartridges? What do you use? What do you like / dislike about it? Thanks in advance.

flewy, Mar 25, 8:43am
Waste of money, costs outstrip the benefits. lightscribe cheaper better.

logo, Mar 25, 9:07am
Say what? A printer produces much better results than lightscribe (e.g full colour) and a printable CD/DVD is much cheaper than a lightscribe equivalent.

flewy, Mar 25, 9:09am
But the cost of using ink is horrendous.

mrfxit, Mar 25, 9:25am
Depends on the printer & where you get your cartridges or refill them.

marleneg, Mar 25, 10:12am
We have a canon.... have printed heaps and heaps of cd's/dvd's - it is used just for this purpose and so far the ink usage seems to be brilliant. hope that gives you some idea.... and I am just a regular home user.

angeladena, Mar 25, 11:53am
I have a Epson r230 i mostly use it for cd/dvd printing as well i buy compatible ink off tm and its 1000times better looking than vivid felted discs! tho the ink i use doesnt produce out standing photo prints its still does a good job on disc

ntalke, Mar 25, 2:48pm
Have a Epson R210 and Lightscribe as well,the Epson colour printed disks win the battle hands down

nzvanfan, Mar 26, 12:58am
Drying times Thanks for the responses to date...what are the drying times like for the Epson? Some comments I have seen say 24hrs??

radzb, Mar 26, 5:03am
I use my Canon MP600 fantastic results. One of my designs, it prints as good as it looks. Can't tell me LS can do that.

flewy, Mar 26, 5:09am
I just said what i said thru personal experience I use to do a lot of cd and dvd labels, gave up in the end. Stupid me for buying a printer that takes $50 inks cartridges.

galex, Mar 26, 5:17am
Re : Drying times I also have an Epson R230, drying time is almost as soon as disk is printed, have never smudged a disk. A 24hr drying time as mentioned would be due to someone using a "normal" DVD not a printable one :-)

soodanim, Mar 26, 6:11am
Canon pixma ip4300 here, inks cheap enough, $18 each, just found a place that does compatible inks for $10.50 each so might give them a go...Drying time is stuff all, just a few minutes...when you can get 100 printable discs for $20 odd and lightscribe disc more expensive and only one colour. Printable discs are for me at least a better option

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