adblock plus

willz29, Nov 9, 8:12pm
Adblock plus whats that line you enter in to block all the ads on trademe? Is there one for facebook too?

kiwikidd77, Nov 9, 8:24pm
You need the filterset updater too other than that there's nothing to enter. Don't forget to subscribe to a list.

wakari06, Nov 9, 8:35pm
Here tis* and http://**

wakari06, Nov 9, 8:36pm
Dunno about facebook

willz29, Nov 9, 8:41pm
Thanks wakari06 :)

tronhat, Nov 9, 9:44pm
Recommended adblock list I recommend the list found here: (if using firefox, click on the big green button on the right to subscribe).

It's very comprehensive and has blocked everything on pretty much every site I've been to since subscribing.

willz29, Nov 9, 10:12pm
Awesome thanks for that

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