anyone want to buy some hdd's?

Anyone want to buy some hdd's? I have 2 x 320 Gig Seagate barracuda SATA drives and a Western digital 200 Gig caviar Drive i want to get rid of asap, $80 each for the 320's and $70 for the 200 :)
if your interested let me know and i will list them :)

geek_ecto1, Mar 8, 5:07 pm

Eh? Why don't you just list them? Your potential market is much wider than just computing MBers...

geek_dunedin_ree, Mar 8, 5:15 pm

True i was hoping to get rid of them this weekend though :o)

geek_ecto1, Mar 8, 5:38 pm

Interested .

geek_stevemw, Mar 8, 6:00 pm

I listed them :o) thanks :o)

geek_ecto1, Mar 8, 6:41 pm