suddenly my printer refuses to ....

anna70k, Nov 10, 7:24am
Suddenly my printer refuses to print out emails, or sometimes decides to print part of one if it can be bothered! Has anyone had this problem? if so how did you fix it??

kevin16, Nov 10, 7:30am
If it can't be bothered it doesn't need a tech, they only deal in details, model numbers, Operating systems, it has issues and that requires counseling

anna70k, Nov 10, 7:57am
Thanks kev.i know its only bits of plastic etc, but its hard if they start to show a bit of personality!

kevin16, Nov 10, 8:00am
Yes it is, you can get attached to familiar whirrs and clacks,please post some details and someone will try help,..

nzmu, Nov 10, 8:06am
With as much detail as you have givenhave you checked the ink levels?

skin1235, Nov 10, 10:23am
Usb connection, check the cables are securely plugged in at each end, similar prob here a few weeks back, one usb connection was partially 'out', once corrected no more problems

gorbulas, Nov 10, 11:22am
I'd chuck it in the rubbish pronto faulty printers with minds of their own have been widely known to burst into flames and turn their dwellings into dust

mrfxit, Nov 10, 6:47pm
Anna70k .. .. .. .. . FFS, wheres my crystall ball What brand & model printer .. . .Your problem is very common with laser printers & while not so common with inkjets, the fault is still the same in most cases, LOW INK/ toner

deej5, Nov 11, 12:38am
It could be your mouse I had a problem with my printer when my mouse became stuck. As you will see here

mrfxit, Nov 11, 12:46am
Ha ha LOL deej5 Not even going to look as I have a pretty good idea what the photo is.

hakatere1, Nov 11, 3:24am
Poor wee fella. I hate it when they get in toasters and you cook'em.

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