should i turn off my adsl modem for security when

paulmc, Mar 25, 10:38am
Should i turn off my adsl modem for security when not using the computer? i remember my isp saying to leave it on but wonder if it would do any harm to the modem turning it off and on each day?

helpless, Mar 25, 10:45am
Up to you I see so much flashing of lights when I sit here in front of my Router I get totally paranoid..Wiresharks opened IpTraf is opened to check whats happening..even went mad and got rid of Guarddog and installed Firestarter..Never would I leave my machine unattended or my Router on when I'm not here.Some suspicious happenings about.

helpless, Mar 25, 10:55am
Oh yeah lets not forget TCPDUMP..anyone got any other good monitoring stuff for the Penguin.

seriouslycgi, Mar 25, 10:56am
I say why not turn it off it takes about 30 seconds to reconnect and if your not using it then your not wasting data by checking itself to see if its connected to your isp. and noone can use your cap at all unless they turn it back on.

pc_nut, Mar 25, 12:15pm
Cycling power and hot cold cycles can cause early failures just leave 'er on, wont do much and unless you've disabled the inbound firewall you should be fine

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